Can quilting cotton be used for making curtains?

On of the most commonly asked questions we get here at FabricYard is 'Can quilting cotton be used for making curtains?' 

The short answer is yes. Quilting cotton is a sturdy fabric that is easy to work with, and it comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a popular choice for a variety of sewing projects, including home decor. HOWEVER whilst quilting cotton can be used for making curtains there are LOTS of factors to consider when deciding whether this is the best option for you.

  • Fabric Weight: Quilting cotton comes in different weights, so consider the weight of the fabric when selecting it for your curtains. If you want your curtains to have a more formal look, you may want to use a heavier weight fabric. If you want a more casual look, a lighter weight quilting cotton can work well.


  • Lining: Depending on the weight of the fabric, you may want to consider adding a lining to your curtains. A lining can help protect the fabric from fading and wear, and it can also help block out light and increase privacy.


  • Care Instructions: Quilting cotton can shrink when washed, so be sure to pre-wash your fabric before cutting and sewing your curtains. Also, consider the care instructions for the fabric when selecting it for curtains. Some quilting cottons may need to be dry cleaned, which can affect the cost and convenience of using the fabric for curtains.


  • Length of the Curtains: Because quilting cotton is a fairly stiff fabric, it may not drape as nicely as other fabrics. Consider this when selecting the length of your curtains. You may need to use more fabric than you would with a drapier fabric to achieve the same look.


  • Fabric width and Pattern Repeat: I think this is the most important factor. Quilting fabric comes as 110cm wide as standard, curtain fabric usually 140cm +. This means that if you need for example 2.5m for each curtain you will need 3 widths of 110cm fabric or 2 lengths of 140cm fabric. Factor in pattern repeat which is often a main consideration for curtain fabric designers but not so much quilting weight designers, and you could be looking at a quite a big more fabric required. 


Overall, quilting cotton can be a great choice for curtains, especially if you want a durable, easy-to-work-with fabric that comes in a wide range of colors and patterns but do factor in the points above by considering the weight of the fabric, adding a lining if necessary, following care instructions, and selecting the right length for your curtains, you can create beautiful, functional curtains with quilting cotton.

Image above from Caretta Design, Etsy

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