Christmas Stockings

Here is our lovely, simple Christmas stocking tutorial by Judith from Just Jude Designs

You will need:

1 fat quarter (Hollywood Damask Grey)
1 fat quarter (British Plaid Red)
1 long or fat quarter (Retro Santa Red)
2 pieces compressed wadding
Ribbon for hanging loop

Assume 1/4" seam allowances unless advised otherwise.

You will need to draw your own stocking template (alternatively, you can purchase one here).  Your drafted template should be approx. 18.5" from top to toe, 10.5" from toe to heal, and 8.5" across the top.

Note: When cutting around your template, point the 'toe' in opposite directions for the front and the back, so that right sides can be matched together.

1.  Using your template, cut out 2 shapes from the main fabric and 2 from the lining fabric.  When cutting out the wadding, I like to cut a little wider than the template.

2. Spray baste the wadding to the wrong sides of the outer stocking pieces. Quilt as desired (to prevent the build up of lint in your machine from the wadding, baste a piece of lightweight calico or sheeting onto the other side of the wadding before quilting).

3. Trim away the excess wadding.  Pin both outer pieces right sides together and sew all the way around, leaving the top open. Use a reverse stitch at the start and finish.  Carefully snip into the curved seams before turning right side out.

4.  Measure the width of the top of the stocking (mine was 8").  Multiply this number by 2 and add 0.5".  This will be the width measurement for the cuff x 9" tall.  Cut out the cuff.

5.  Sew the 2 short edges right sides together. Press the seam open before folding the cuff in half, revealing the right side of the fabric.

6.  Place the cuff over the top of the stocking, aligning the raw edges.  Machine tack the cuff in place, sewing as close to the top edge as possible.


7.   Machine tack a ribbon loop onto the back side seam.  Put to one side.

8.  Pin the 2 lining pieces right sides together and sew all the way around, this time leaving a 3" gap in the back edge of the stocking, as well as leaving the top open.

9.  Push the outer stocking into the lining, so that right sides are together and the top edges and side seams are aligned.  Sew all the way around the top edge.

10.  Pull the outer stocking through the gap in the lining.  Close the gap in the lining before pushing it down into the stocking.  Press.

11. Finally sew around the top edge of the stocking (make sure to keep the hanging loop out of the way!).

Now you're ready to hang up at your fireplace ready for Santa to fill up with goodies!

And how about having a go at some mini stockings (great for gifting)!

 And if you'd like to see more of our Christmas fabrics (because let's face it, this blog is ancient and none of the fabrics are available any more) then check out our full Christmas range by clicking the image below!

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