Deadwood Saloon Dress

You may or may not have come across Roisin Muldoon's Dolly Clackett blog. If you haven't (and if you haven't, where have you been!) then I am very excited to introduce you to it! She makes thee most flattering, head-turning, stunning dresses for herself and shares her makes with her blog readers and instagram followers. I love them. When we chatted to Roisin and asked her is there any way she would consider using some of our fabrics for a project, she very happily agreed and plucked this crazy print from our shelves!

Deadwood Saloon in Rust (also available in tea)

And what a fantastic job she made of her dress. We are smitten with the results!

Although I'd heard of it, I didn't know what Deadwood was about. I've binge-watched my fair share of Netflix and Amazon. Cue a week long period of mourning once Breaking Bad had run its course, House of Cards, Sons of Anarchy, hell even Gossip Girl and Friday Night Lights! so I felt like a right dumbo when I read Roisin's post and realised that was where Alexander Henry had gotten the Deadwood Saloon name! duh!

Anyway, Deadwood has been added to my list of 'must watch'. Right after I finish The Good Wife and Better Call Saul, and start and finish Its Always Sunny in Philadelpia (thanks to Grace)

So thank you once again Roisin, we look forward to seeing many more lovely makes from such a talented sewist and all round lovely gal!


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