Furnish Your Own Summer!
As the end of May is nearing, we hope your spring snow PTSD has worn off and you are relaxing into the nurturing warmth of the summer sun.

For me, summer means bringing an immense Mediterranean platter into the garden. It takes me back to my mother losing track of time with the confusion of daylight savings, as she read Le Petit Prince at my bedside. It is the spontaneous cheeseboard party with the next door neighbours at 10pm, the cosmopolitan scoop of Tesco's budget vanilla ice cream in my coffee, and looking through old photo albums well into the wee hours of the morning. All these things, at the end of my fingertips. Just one issue.

My home isn't ready to facilitate such fantasies!

I have found myself in complete chaos spending my days off running around B&M Bargains and IKEA trying to find the finishing touches. "Bohemian Salad Bowl" here, "CHOSIGT Ice Lolly Maker" there, my home was slowly becoming the embodiment of Frankenstein's monster and I was only straying from my summer aspirations.

Finally, the solution came in a dream.

A St Patrick-esque vision told me the answer was right before my eyes: SOFT FURNISHINGS!

The Sitting Room

The design trend seems to be screaming: we're bringing back the 70s! Here's a couple options to spruce up the comfy chair. Click on any of the fabrics to shop directly!


Kid's Room

Having trouble dreaming on these hot, bright nights? Not with Michael Miller's Arrow collection.

The Garden

Those days in the sun just stretch out forever. Give yourself plenty of time and space to relax in the garden with some cosy bohemian designs.



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