Heart Block Tutorial

Judith from Just Jude Designs has written this great little heart block tutorial, just in time for Valentines Day!

Use it in a quilt, a bag, a cushion or just whatever you fancy.

Heart Block Tutorial

Unfinished size 12.5"

You will need:

10 x 3" squares of various pink prints

1 long quarter of background fabric, (we used essex yarn dyed denim) cut as follows:
4 x 3" squares from background fabric
2 x 2.5" squares from background fabric
2 x (2.5" x 8.5") strips from background fabric
2 x (2.5" x 12.5") strips from background fabric

Method: Assume 1/4" seams throughout

1. Pair up 3 sets of pink 3" squares and 4 sets of pink/background squares.

2. Place the pairs right sides together and draw a diagonal line on one of the wrong sides of each pairing.

3. Sew 1/4" seam either side of the pencil line on each pairing.

4. Slice the squares in half along the pencil line. Trim the half square triangles (hst) to 2.5". To do this, keep the unit folded and draw a diagonal line on your ruler square from 2.5" to 2.5". Place this line along the stitch line of the hst and align the corner of the ruler with the corner of the hst. Trim away the excess.

5. Trim off the dog ears!

6. Lay the hst units & remaining background squares in a 4 x 4 formation, revealing the heart shape.

7. Sew the units together in rows and iron the seams of each row in opposite directions i.e. iron the seams of rows 1 and 3 from right to left; iron the seams of rows 2 and 4 from left to right.

8. Now join the rows together making sure to butt/nest the intersecting seams. It is helpful to pin vertically into these intersections while you sew the rows together.

9. Press the row seams open.

10. Attach the 2 shorter background strips to the sides of the heart. Press the seams away from the centre.

11. Finally attach the remaining border strips to the top and bottom of the block. Again press the seams away from the centre.

Now that you have your heart block, you could make lots more blocks and turn them into a pretty quilt!

Or how about a quilted cushion gift!

However you use your heart block, have a happy valentines!

Jude xo


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