New Alexander Henry Delivery

We had a new Alexander Henry delivery last week and among the old favourites like Contigo, Viva Frida and Resting in Roses, we had some great new prints like Chillax and Frida Fantastico!

Alexander Henry Chillax Trio

The usual suspects were back in stock. We brought in the Contigo in tint colourway (black also currently in stock as well speak). Paseo de los Muertos is back in the black and the white/black colourway, whilst Fiesta de los Muertos is in again in the black. Fired up in Multibrite is back in after a whirlwind debut. Resting in Roses is here in black (we currently have the tea and natural colourway in stock at the minute). Popular Frida prints Frida's Garden Black, Viva Frida Parchment and Gotas de Amor in royal, eggplant and cantelope have arrived back in. To round things off we also received back From the Hip Chambray blue, Los Novios Tea, Cartas Marcadas Bright, Zombie Charcoal and La Paloma.

Alexander Henry Fabric Restocks

As mentioned above, we brought in the Chillax trio of black, blue and red. There is a definite surfers vibe in these prints and they are crying out for a Hawaiian shirt, or a pair of surf shorts! Another Frida print was added to our extensive range with the new Frida Fantastico in turquoise.

Frida Fantastico Turquoise

Taking the iconic mexican artist theme one step further, this print features Frida in various head poses with a moustache and sombrero in one.


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