New Photo Booth!

I was over the moon with this collapsible photo booth which my husband got made in his workshop! I posted a photo over on our facebook page and there were some requests for more photos so I thought I would do a quick blog post showing you all how it was made!

It's fair to say he's pretty nifty at making things. What you don't do is ask him to put up a picture on the wall because being in the sign business, he does it in such a way that it will never come down. Ever. So its stuck there until you bash it off with a hammer.

Sometimes you put in a request for something and get a 'yeah yeah, I'll have a look at it when I get a minute' and thats it, it doesn't get done so I was pretty happy when he arrived home with this for me on the Monday, less than 24hours since our initial discussion. I'm works like a charm and folds down for storage too which is a Godsend.


It measures approx 100cm in height, 40cm in depth and 150cm in width. The ends are detachable and are made from dibond which is an aluminium composite material which is fairly light weight and can be bent with a folding machine.


The base and back is made from corriboard which is a corrugated polypropylene material which is very lightweight but very rigid. This particular booth was made with two separate pieces which were stuck together to allow it to fold easily. You may be able to use one piece and just make a cut to allow it to fold.


Both the corriboard and the dibond ends have velcro which attach to give extra stability.



Once the ends are added to the back and the base, you have a free standing booth which can be turned either way depending on the dimensions of you photo subject! I'm looking forward to a much quicker and simpler process of photo taking for the website now. You can even take one end off to get a different angle on some photos.


There are so many of our customers who sell their makes online that I hope this is of some use to you. It can obviously be made on a much smaller scale. You might well have none of these materials at your disposal, but hopefully it will give you some ideas as to what you might be able to use to create your own photobooth. If you have any questions at all, please don't hestitate to ask!


Alice x


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