Postage Changes

Shipping Costs

We've made a few changes to our postage charges here at Fabric Yard. Bad news is the increase on our UK flat rate shipping cost. Good news is the free delivery on all UK orders over £40.

We've realised that with the most recent increase in Royal Mail shipping costs which will come into effect on the 1st Jan 2021, our £1 flat rate shipping is just no longer feasible. We've weathered more Royal Mail increases than I can count on both hands and this time round it's not a cost we can absorb for any longer. The new £2.95 is quite a jump however we are offsetting that with a free UK postage service for all orders over £40.

We are unlikely to increase international costs as we had to increase our prices a few months ago. With regards Brexit, we're not 100% sure how things will pan out especially as being in Northern Ireland we are still part of the single market and customs union but we will find our way and hope to continue to serve our customers all over the world. 

Latest shipping costs can be found here

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